Earth Day 2020

When is earth day?

Earth Day 2020 will be celebrating on Wednesday, 22 April all over the world.

In the year 2020 whole world will celebrate 50th anniversary of earth day.

Earth Day 2020
Earth Day - April 22
Earth Day in 2020 is a chance or big opportunity for the people to re-energies our activities to solve the challenges related to environment and to protect our planet earth for our future generations.

The pledges made in Earth Day 2019 to be re-looked. In year 2019 we faced many difficulties while fighting the environment problems.

These difficulties given us many solutions and these solutions will help us to stand together, by which it will be easy to fight with environmental problems in the year 2020.

What is earth day?

Earth day is annual festival or celebration honoring the successes of many environmental movements and give awareness about the importance of environment.
Earth Day 2020
Earth Day

Earth day history

For earth day we thank American senator Gaylord Nelson. Gaylord Nelson drew America's attention to the environmental side effects caused by American industrial development.

For this, he organized American society, provided a platform for protests and public movements.

All those who have long fought for the Santa Barbara oil spill, pollution-ridden factories and power plants, untreated sewers, toxic wastes from mines, pesticides and loss of biodiversity, it was like a breath of life-giving oxygen.

They all joined the above mentioned campaigns. The impulsive campaign of environmental awareness spread throughout the America.

More than two million people joined the movement in year 1970. That time these numbers are less, but now more than 100 million people from more than 192 countries around the world celebrate it.
Earth Day 2020
Our Planet Earth
Progressive societies, voluntary organizations, Eco-lovers and government participate in it.

It is worth mentioning that environmentalist had warned the whole world against all modern technologies many years before the efforts of American senator Gaylord Nelson.

Environmentalist believed that earth, air, water and land are not the property of our ancestors. They are the heritage of our children and the generations to come. We are their trustees. They have to be handed over to future generations as we have got them.

Environmentalist also believes that the earth is sufficient to meet the needs of the people but not for the fulfillment of greed.

Environmentalist believes that by adopting the flawed framework of development, unbalanced development increases.

If unbalanced development is accepted, then the entire natural resources of the earth will be damaged. It will be the end of life and the day of apocalypse.

Environmentalist years ago warned world against adopting a faulty framework of development.

They thought that industrialization is a curse for the entire human race. By adopting it millions of people will be unemployed. Pollution problem will arise.

They believed that the main objective of industrialization is to earn money for its owners.

Many times it will not be possible to reimburse for the environmental damage caused by modern development. Now the entire scientific world, governments and society were completely unaware of the possible ill effects of the environment on the earth.

The above thoughts of environmentalists inspire the whole world to follow the right path on Earth Day.


In the occasion of Earth Day 2020, we see the dream of a world; in which the air of the world will be pollution free. Society will be healthy and prosperous. Rivers will get their identity. Earth will become pollution free and will be there for many generations.

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