Pollution Definition

Pollution Definition

Answer for the what is pollution definition is, "the defect arising in the natural equilibrium due to the entry of contaminants into the environment". Pollution means - 'pollution of air, water, soil, etc. by unwanted stuffs', which has a direct adverse effect on living organisms and other indirect effects by damaging to ecosystems.

Pollution Introduction

Pollution introduction is incomplete with out inclusion of air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and sound pollution. These are the cause that arises due to imbalance of nature.

The problem of pollution is one of the most serious problems facing by human society today. The rapid increase in pollution in the last few decades has started to question the existence of life itself.

All the countries of the world are worried about losses from this. Scientists from all over the world publish reports related to pollution every day and warn us about the impending danger.

Till few decades ago no one took the pollution problem seriously. It was normal for humans to get resources from nature. At that time very few people were able to think that indiscriminate use of resources can also harm.

Whatever we take from nature, nature will regenerate as many resources. It seemed as the reserves of nature are unlimited, will never end. But as the population started growing, the exploitation of natural resources increased. Forests were cut, lands were dug for ores. Machines accelerated this work.

The effect of the Industrial Revolution is visible to the people on the environment. The forests began to fade. Big buildings, factories are started on forest lands. Due to this, the problem of pollution came on our head.

Today, the air of the cities has become so polluted due to pollution that it has become difficult for humans to breathe. Smoke emanating from vehicles and factories dissolves poison in the air. This is rapidly increasing air pollution. Pollution has crossed the danger mark in many cities of world.

Pollution Definition
Air Pollution
The waste released from factories is dumped in rivers and drains. Due to this water pollution, it has become difficult for people to get drinkable water.
Pollution Definition
Water Pollution
Chemical fertilizers used as fertilizer in the field have started making the field barren. Due to this, the problem of land pollution has also become serious. In this way pollution is increasing, but the forests which are needed to remove pollution are decreasing day by day.
Pollution Definition
Soil Pollution
Earth's temperature is rising due to pollution. There are many holes in the ozone layer. Animals are dying in rivers and oceans. The weather is changing in many countries. Sometimes it is raining heavily and sometimes it is not raining at all. This is causing a lot of damage to agriculture. 

The ice of the poles is melting, which increases the risk of drowning of the countries and cities along the sea. Many glaciers are melting. Due to which the sea level is rising and many small islands will soon disappear i.e. islands will be covered by sea.

In such critical times, it has become necessary that all the countries of the world come together to curb this problem of pollution. Nature cannot be destroyed for industries. When life itself is in danger, what will be the industries that make life comfortable?

Most recently (December 12, 2015) 19 countries of the world gathered in Paris, the capital of France, to control pollution. Together, it has been decided that the temperature of the earth will not be allowed to rise more than two degrees above the current temperature.

It has been a step in the right direction, since late. If government actually implement this, the Paris session would prove to be a golden ray of hope for mankind. Hopefully, we will take the right steps to protect the environment and protect the next generation from the ill effects of pollution.


Pollution definition we understood now. Also, in detail we understood how we are damaging our environment. We are contaminating the necessities of our environment like; air, soil, water, etc. In final words we have to control pollution in order to save our environment.

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