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Slogans on Save Earth

65 Best and Catchy Slogans and Posters on Save Earth

Life is possible on the earth because of presence of natural things like air, sunlight, land, flora, fauna, etc.

These all natural things are considered as a part of environment. We believe that the earth is the only place in the universe which can be considered as home.

Without the environment, we cannot think about life on the earth, so we need to keep our environment clean and healthy. Our earth has helped us and other types of organisms to grow by providing air, water and land.

It is the responsibility of every person living on the earth. Everyone should come forward and join the campaign for protection of the environment and to save earth.

We have to understand our responsibility towards our mother earth and do all possible efforts to make it clean and natural.

In this blog, we are sharing Slogans and Posters on Save Earth.

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Significance of earth many people never realize. They are not serious about the bad effects of pollution on our earth. These slogans on save earth will sure create awareness in them.

Slogans are the best idea to spread awareness about the Save Earth. These slogans certainly will create a positive consequence on the people.

This slogan list covers 65 best and catchy collection of slogans on save earth in English to easily make people to aware about importance of earth.

We have provided slogans on save earth with pictures also.

Slogans on Save Earth

These offered slogans can be use in offices, college, schools, shops, competitions, etc. Below is the list of slogans on save earth;

Slogans and Posters on Save Earth

  • If we Destroy Earth’s Atmosphere, it will Destroy our Future.
Slogans on Save Earth

  • Let’s go green, to get our earth clean.
Slogans on Save Earth

  • Don’t be a fool, considering pollution on earth as cool.
Slogans on Save Earth

  • Mother Earth is true, when it’s Green and Blue.
Slogans on Save Earth

  • Start the Revolution, Against the Earth’s Pollution.
Slogans on Save Earth

Best and catchy slogans on save earth

  • Save Earth, Save Ourselves.
  • Every Birth, Want to Save Earth.
  • I don’t want to see our future living in pollution.
  • The best solution is less pollution.
  • Let’s join the revolution, to stop all types of pollution.
  • Save Earth – it is a matter of life and death.
  • Let’s leave the pollution, to save the Nation.
  • Reduce the earth’s pollution, to increase earth’s life span.
  • Pollution on the earth is a ladder, for destruction of the nature.
  • Let’s think, If there's No Earth, then where to Live?
  • Let’s find solution, for the earth’s pollution.
  • Let’s Deliver, the Clean Earth Atmosphere.
  • Drink, Breath, Eat – Pollution free.

  • Green Revolution is the best Solution, to eliminate Earth’s Pollution.
  • End the earth’s pollution, else there will be nature’s retribution.
  • Let’s move towards green to keep the earth clean.
  • Let’s Pledge - "No Pollution on Earth".
  • Many Ages to Make and Few Seconds to Take.
  • A divine unpolluted earth environment starts with us.
  • Preserve The Environment, Our Offspring Deserves It.
  • Clean Environment Gives Green Earth.
  • Pollutant Free - That’s how we had like our earth to be.
  • Disregard Freshness of Earth and It Will Go Far Away.
  • Pollution can be reduce by – Reusing and Recycling.
  • We have only one Earth, don’t pollute it.
  • Come together, take pledge to save the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Let’s go green, to get our earth clean.
  • Make the pollution free environment our daily routine.
  • Protect our earth today for our children’s tomorrow.
  • Don’t consider pollution on earth lightly, otherwise it will deal with you tightly. 
  • I Saved the Earth, with Fresh Atmosphere It Saved You and Me.
  • Pollution on Earth? then Stop, Think and Act.
  • Billion Dreams and Only One Earth.
  • For environment; the Solution is less Earth’s Pollution.
  • Save the Earth, Save the Life.
  • Grow more trees to make again green earth.
  • Let’s include – Unpolluted earth in priority list.
  • Don’t dare, to pollute earth’s atmosphere.
  • Get away dilution, by fighting earth’s pollution.
  • Earth’s pollution, is not a solution.
  • Green Earth is Clean Earth.
  • Which one you like to choose – Our life or Earth’s life?
  • Worth Place for Living - Earth.
  • By Birth, I like Earth.
  • It's Mirth, to live on Earth.
  • Let's Make Safety Girth, Around Earth.
  • Environment on Earth, Avoids Death.
  • Polluting Earth, Invites Death.
  • Earth which is polluted, won’t be Saluted.

Frequently Asked Question on Save Earth

How do you make a slogan for Earth Day?

Below are some best slogan for Earth Day;
  • Avoid Doomsday, Let's Pledge On This Earth Day.
  • Find Nature's Gateway, On This Earth Day.
  • Don't Go Away, From Earth Day.
  • Don't Hide Away, Let's Celebrate Earth Day.
  • Each and Everyday, Let's celebrate Earth Day.
  • Nature's Give Away, Let's Celebrate Earth day.
  • Come Together Anyway, On This Earth Day.
  • Let's Decide Holiday, On Earth Day.
  • Hip Hip Hurray, Today is Earth Day.
  • One Planet by Birth, It's Earth.


Hope you like these Slogans on Save Earth. We have to stand together to create awareness in the people who are damaging the earth environment. These save the earth slogans surely will help to build awareness in between people about pollution on the earth.

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We will work on your request and create save the earth slogan list for you. We will provide these slogans FREE of cost. Please contact us with your requirements.

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