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At "Environment Talks", we put our hard efforts to create good quality informative content like blogs and e-books which empower and helps people all over the world to fight for issues regarding to environment.

We are a non-profit organization that believes that there is a hope in unity and by which we can shape a sustainable future.

But we can't do it without your help; your help is needed to achieve this.

If you appreciated our blogs and social campaigns; and would like to see same in future, please consider making a donation to support our on-going work to fight environment issues.

Your donations to “Environment Talks” bring us nearer to our aim of a clean and sustainable environment.

All of our campaigns like; Plantation, Recycling and Social Responsibilities are simple, useful and motivating.

Where does my donation go?

Thanks for your support; a small gift from you goes a long way for everyone and everything which add a plus point in our work towards our environment.

Your donations will help us to arrange the resources to complete all the campaigns or activities like;

Plantation campaigns; Arranging saplings from nursery, lorry for transportation of saplings from plant nursery, travelling remote areas, labors to help to plant saplings, water and fence arrangement, and finally to take care of saplings until it become a tree.

Recycling campaigns; Arranging advertisement banners, travelling remote areas, lorry for transportation of scrap material, segregation of recycle material from scrap, etc.

Social responsibilities; Apart from green or environmental campaigns we also run or help some social causes like; cleanliness drive – where we clean the locality, spread awareness about hygiene, drinking water arrangement, arranging cloths and food for poor’s, etc.

This all we do for free, which indirectly makes a positive change to environment and the life of human being.

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