What is Green Energy

What is Green Energy?

We can define green energy as a sustainable energy source that is not very harmful for environment and human health.

Green energy is generated from natural renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, water and plants.

We know that at present, the cost of fuel is increasing due to the continuously rise in population of the world and which increases the demand of conventional fuel reserves.

These conventional fuel reserves soon will be end and there will be nothing left for us and for our future generation.

In such a situation, all the people have started to search alternative sources of energy and that's why green energy emerged as immense potential for future.
What is Green Energy?
Solar Energy
In the past years, research and development has taken place in the field of green energy. The latest and updated green technologies are coming out for people.

These green energy solutions are enough to reduce people's dependence on traditional energy sources like coal, petroleum products and natural gas.

Green energy sources can are better alternative than fossil fuels.

Why to choose green energy?

The options of green energy sources like solar energy, wind energy, bio-fuels, etc and their renewable & regenerating capabilities have forced them to prove themselves superior to conventional energy sources.

We all know that the fossil fuels are the energy sources that the world has been using from many years and which are limited resources and their excessive exploitation will reduce them over time.

Green energy sources have fewer side effects on the environment as compare to fossil fuels, because they do not emit greenhouse gases.
What is Green Energy?
Wind Energy
Green energy options are completely free and easily available. They do not have the monopoly of any country or commercial establishment like oil, gas, coal or nuclear fuels. Therefore, they are easily available and are cost effective.

In this way, green energy options are purely simple, ubiquitous, and easily available throughout the world, including rural and remote areas.

Why green energy is not popular with people?

Solar panels, wind turbines and other sources of green energy are being used primarily to produce electricity. But all these options are more expensive, because their production requires huge investment.

There is a lack of awareness about green energy among the people, due to which the use of green energy is very less.

People are connected with fossil fuels for years and emotionally connected with them. That’s why they don’t want to use green energy sources. They think that these green energy sources are complicated and are difficult to use.
What is Green Energy?
Coal based thermal energy plant
The availability of sun light or wind or water will affect production at the time of demand or need, therefore due to their reliable supply, there is a doubt about the practical inconvenience of green energy.

Initially people not easily believe on newer technologies, same is happening with green energy options.

For green energy sources people are not sure about their actual capabilities and their credibility.


The demand for energy has increased globally because of increase in population of the world. Environmental experts believe that this demand can be met through various green energy options. Green energy has become the only future option for better health of the people and to reduce global warming.

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