Water Pollution

There are many types of pollution - air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution etc. All these forms of pollution are fatal, but the pollution which has affected the most people of world is water pollution. Let’s learn about water pollution.

The scientific and technological progress of the past years has made human life quite convenient and easy. The Industrial Revolution has made the lives of millions of people happy and good.

But if we look at the environment around us, we will know that this progress is also poisoning our lives.

Water Pollution Definition

Now the question is, “What water pollution is?”. Let’s get the answer with water pollution definition. Water pollution refers to a mixture of unwanted substances in the river, lakes, ponds and sea water that make the water unsuitable for use by humans and animals. This affects every life which is based on water.

Water Pollution
Water Pollution

Water Pollution Causes

Our industries are the main cause of water pollution. Chemical waste released from our industries, factories, is directly discharged into rivers and ponds. This waste is highly toxic.

Water Pollution
Industrial waste in pond
It also makes water poisonous. Animals living in the river and pond die. Many animals die by drinking this water and many humans falls ill.

Apart from the industry, there are many other factors of water pollution. Thousands of tons of waste coming out of our cities and villages are dumped in rivers or oceans.

These days chemical fertilizers and medicines are also being used for farming. All these are affecting the sources of water. With the rain these chemicals flow from water to canals and then to rivers or ponds.

The biggest reason for sea water being polluted is the mixing of polluted rivers in the sea. In addition, a heap of waste plastic is also dumped into the sea.

Many times the fuel of ships also gets spread in the sea. This oil spreads far and wide in the sea and makes a layer on sea water. This is killing fishes and other ocean creatures.

All the human waste, by an underground pipe or sewage line from houses and commercial buildings is also dumped in rivers and sea, which affects water body.
Water Pollution
Sewage line dumped  in river

Water Pollution Effects

Due to all these reasons, water pollution has become a awful problem today. The rivers and ponds of which people used to live by drinking water, are no longer drinkable.

Millions of people are facing the problem of drinking water. All governments should take fast steps to solve the problem of water pollution.

Water Pollution Solutions

First of all, industries and factories should ban dumping of industrial waste in rivers and ponds.

Waste from cities should not be diverted to water sources without properly scouring them. The use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture should be stopped and organic farming should be encouraged.

Water pollution has now taken the form of emergency. In such a situation, we need many big steps immediately. If we want everyone to continue to get safe drinking water and to keep the water sources to safe for a long time, then we will have to take steps for it from today itself.


Without water there will be no life. We have oceans full of water but we can’t drink. Sources of drinkable water are slowly slowly vanishing. One day no water will be there because for our selfishness we polluted water. Very late we understood the effects of water pollution. Let’s avoid water pollution.

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