About Us

A clean environment is a primary constituent for a peaceful, and flourishing life. But because of human carelessness, our environment is becoming dirty everyday. This is an important issue that everyone should know about it.

That’s why this blog; "Environment Talks" is created, which shares knowledge, findings, works and all other things which is related to our environment. It will help us to come together and raise our hand to save our environment and our future generation get a clean and green environment.

Here you will find blogs related to; Climate, Pollution, Nature, Go Green, Campaigns, Slogans, etc.

We run campaigns like; "Plantations", "Recycling" and "Social Responsibilities" to save our mother earth. You will get blogs and pictures related to our campaigns.

We are a small foundation, that’s why “Environment Talks” depends on assistance and support from the loving and helping people to keep our program of necessary campaigns and donations help us to sustain our work and growth.

We normally receives financial support from environment lovers who are pledged to keep our environment clean and green.

You can find more about it in our “Donations” page.

So, please come together and save our environment.