Deforestation effects

What is deforestation and its effects?

Deforestation means cutting down trees. For the past several decades, trees are being cut randomly for the creation of many products, these products are used in human life.
Deforestation effects
Human cut the tree to increase land for farming, to put cities or towns and to provide housing to the people.

Previously it was OK and deforestation went is OK for the last decades as the population is not more that time, but in the twenty-first century, the cutting rate of trees increased by double rate.

This was the effect of increasing population. After cutting the trees, the problem started when the trees were not planted again.

By doing this, the number of trees on the earth has reduced considerably compared to the previous decades and environmental problems like global warming took place.

It is well known that trees are very useful for humans. Trees provide oxygen, medicines, furniture, books and many other products to humans.

It is important to note that to get all these products from trees, cutting of trees are necessary. All these products cannot be produced if the trees are not cut down.

How deforestation is affecting the world?

The importance of trees in human life is very big. The trees gives humans many products that make human life easy and handy, but the real problem starts when deforestation is done highly and unplanned.
Deforestation effects
Cutting trees
Instability increased in the environment due to excessive cutting of trees. Trees are also an integral part of the environment and their loss on the earth can cause the following disadvantages;

Oxygen - Humans need oxygen to live, they take in oxygen (O₂) and emit carbon dioxide (CO₂), where trees takes carbon dioxide and emits oxygen for us.

Since the amount of oxygen in the environment is very low, due to deforestation, the amount of oxygen will decrease in atmosphere and it will create physical and mental disorders in human life.

Global warming - Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which is a cause of global warming. Significantly, global warming means an increase in temperature globally.

Due to the rise in temperature, the environment has become much more unbalanced and the earth has also suffered by greenhouse gases, which is increasing at constant speed in the atmosphere due to the deforestation.

Due to the increase in carbon dioxide, global warming will also increase unexpectedly which will destroy the earth and will also cause ill effect to human being.

Impact on wildlife - Indiscriminate cutting of trees will cause the greatest damage to wildlife. Deforestation will extinct many wildlife species.

Flood and drought - Deforestation will greatly increase the risk of floods. Trees work to balance the environment and due to the shortage of trees, both drought and flooding can be occur.

Landslide - Trees hold the ground with their roots. The land does not erode due to the presence of the roots of those trees.

Significantly, if the trees are reduced then the landslide will increase and affects the human life. This will cause loss of life and damage to property and if it is widespread then everything will be destroyed.

How can we control deforestation?

Deforestation is very important for the products which are used in human life. If there is no deforestation, then there are many modern tools which will be difficult to use smoothly and we will go back a century in terms of modernity.

Failure of deforestation will also cause problems in the habitat and deforestation is also necessary to provide land for farming.
Deforestation effects
Tree logs
So we can understand the necessity of trees. If we want to use trees for our applications and to make our life easy then we have to save trees.

To do this, the speed at which the trees are being cut will also have to be planted at the same speed. If this is done then only wildlife, aquatic animals, mankind and the earth can be saved from all kinds of problems.


A lot of work to be done at the mass level to prevent the high deforestation and to make people aware of plantation. Deforestation effects are worse and will ruin human life. Planting plants individually can also contribute to the preservation of human and wild life.

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