What is Climate Change Essay

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What is Climate Change?

Climate change is a historical change in the pattern of average seasonal states. Generally, these changes are studied by dividing the history of the Earth into long periods. This variation in the conditions of climate can be natural and also because of the effect of human activities. The greenhouse effect and global heating are believed that it is because of human actions, which is the result of a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions from the industry.

Climate change refers to the widespread change in the weather. This change is happening because of the rapid increase in the emissions of greenhouse gases. This is also called as greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a usual process that warms the Earth's surface or exterior. When the Sun's energy influences the Earth's atmosphere, some of it is reflected or returned back to space and the remaining is absorbed and re-radiated by greenhouse gases. Mainly coal, gasoline and natural gas are considered as responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases.
What is Climate Change Essay
Climate Change
As the name implies, changes in climate conditions on Earth are called climate change. Although these changes often occur in the weather. Climate change happens only when these changes last for several decades to centuries. There are many factors that bring changes in the climate. These factors are being discussed in detail here.

Reason of Climate Change

Climate change occurs due to changes in various external and internal systems. Let us know in detail about these;

External systems causing climate change

· Volcanic eruptions

Climate of the Earth is mostly affected by volcanic eruptions, which produce more than 100,000 tonnes of SO2 in the stratosphere of Biosphere. Whenever the volcano bursts, heat gets energized in the atmosphere. These explosions continue to cool down the atmosphere because these gas emissions interfere with the transmission of solar radiation on the surface of the Earth.

· Production of solar energy

The climate balance and temperature on earth is determined by the rate by which the earth receives energy from the sun and the rate by which this energy is emitted in the climate. Any change in the production of solar energy affects the global climate. The rays of the Sun arriving to the earth are moved to different parts of the air and it is a major cause of climate change.

· Plate tectonics

The speed of tectonic plates prepares new topography by reconstructing the land and oceans in a period of millions of years. This activity affects climate conditions globally.

· Variation in the orbit of the Earth

The change in the orbit of the Earth changes the seasonal distribution of sunlight; this affects the amount of sunlight reaching the surface. There are three types of orbital changes, which include; changes in the Earth's pathogenesis, changes in the tilt angle of the axis of the Earth's rotation, and the Earth's axis centricity. These have a major impact on the climate.

· Human activities

CO₂ generated due to combustion of fossil fuels, pollution of vehicles, deforestation, animal farming and land use etc. are some of the human activities that are bringing changes in the climate. Because of industrialization the human being continually harming the climate and increasing pollution on the earth. Climate change is also coming from rising pollution, i.e. smoke coming from vehicles and harmful gas such as methane etc.
What is Climate Change Essay
Internal systems causing climate change

· Life

Life plays an important role in bringing negative changes in carbon emissions and water cycle. It also affects the formation of clouds, the evaporation, and the formation of climatic conditions.

· Ocean-Atmospheric Variability

The atmosphere and the ocean together bring changes in the internal climate. These changes may last for a few years, and can influence the global surface temperature inversely.

Losses due to climate change

Due to the constant variation in climate, most of the wildlife is not able to adapt to the environment, due to which many wild species are becoming extinct. Due to the change in climate, there is a possibility of flood because with the increase in temperature ice of glaciers are melting.
What is Climate Change Essay
Glaciers Melting
The crops not get the right environment due to which their yield is not good. Humans are also suffering from many diseases because of changing climate. The change of climate changes the entire life span of living being. Rainfall is also polluted with chemicals and sometimes it is harmful for crops too.


Research has found that in the last ten years, the biggest contribution in climate change is human activity. In order to protect the whole world, to prevent wild species from disappearing; the climate has to be prevent from fast change. Stopping internal forces is not so easy, but we can stop the activities of human beings, so that changes in climate can be controlled to a large extent. Finally it’s our own environment and we have to live on this earth.

This essay on "What is Climate?" definitely will guide you and make aware about our climate. As a duty towards environment and climate we presented what is climate change essay.

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