Social Responsibility of Management of Tree Plantation 1

Social Responsibility of Management of Tree Plantation 1

"Social Responsibility of Management of various activities is truly a ambitious and learning. But we always show our self perfection in Social Responsibility activities. Managing social responsibility is a duty which proves your management ability."

Trees are beneficial for us in many ways. They convert the carbon di-oxide released by the organisms into oxygen. We make different types of medicines with their leaves, barks and roots. We get juicy and delicious fruits from them. Trees give us shade. Not only animals and birds in their shadow, humans also breathe peacefully.

Where trees are in sufficient quantity, the amount of rainfall is also good. Lack of trees causes drought. Trees enhance the beauty of the environment. In this way, a human being after birth depends on trees and different types of things derived from them.

Due to these benefits from trees, man has harvested them fast. Due to both industrial progress and deforestation the environment has become polluted. Trees are helpful in keeping the environment pollution free. Man continued to increase the number of factories for his benefit, but in proportion to that growth, he did not pay attention to planting trees, on the contrary he fiercely harvested them.

Awareness about importance of trees in people are now increasing and people started planting trees.

In summer season people in India eagerly waits for Monsoon. Yes, the rainy season which helps to bring down the temperature. Also, this season is good for planting trees.

Many tree plantation activities are conducted by local groups, companies, school and colleges, governments, etc. Environment Talks also took initiative this year for planting trees. We purchased saplings and planted these saplings.

Our further activity is to take care of these plants until they become trees.

Also, we decided that every year we will carry-out this responsibility.

As our Social Responsibility Activity this time we aimed “Chandrapur (Maharashtra, India)”, where monsoon i.e. rainy season starts from mid of June and last up to mid of September.
Social Responsibility of Management of Tree Plantation 1
Tree Plantation

Details about the Managing Social Responsibility of Plantation are mentioned below;

Social Activity: To plant 100 saplings and afterwards take care of these plants until they become trees.

Conducted by: Environment Talks

Activity Place: Outside of City (Mostly on highway sides), Chandrapur (Maharashtra, India)

Duration of Activity: 1st August 2019 to 30th August 2019 (1 month)

Total Plants Planted: 100 different saplings

Cost to Community: Free of cost

Fund for this Social Responsibility: Contributed by team members


The team successfully completed the Social Responsibility of Management of Tree Plantation. Team members helped a lot to perfectly managing social responsibility of tree plantation. Finally, we planted 100 saplings in a rainy month. Also, started to take care of them.

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