What is Global Warming

Increase in Global Warming or global temperature means that the Earth is constantly getting hot. Scientists say that in the coming days the drought will rise, the incidents of floods will rise and the weather will change completely.

Global Warming is becoming serious issue day by day for our Earth, environment, climate and human being. Here in this article on global warming we will learn about; What is Global Warming?, Causes of Global Warming, Effects of Global Warming and Global Warming Solutions.

What is Global Warming?

In the simplest term we can define, What is global warming? i.e. it means that, the  change in the weather caused by increase in earth's temperature. Increase in temperature of earth (estimated to be 10 Fahrenheit at an average temperature of 100 years) changes; the ways of rain, melting of ice and glaciers, rise in the sea level, and effects the growth of flora and the animals.

What is Global Warming

A common man is not able to understand that global warming is a major problem in the world. For him it sounds a bit technical in this world, that’s why he does not go to its bottom.

Therefore, it is left to be considered as a scientific definition. Most people think that the world does not have any danger at this time.

Causes of Global Warming

Because of global warming, greenhouse gases are most responsible for climate change.

It has the property of absorbing infrared radiation i.e. remaining heat energy emitted from Earth’s surface and radiating it back to Earth’s surface, thus contributing to the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapour are the most significant greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases are commonly used to keep the plants warm in highly cold areas; otherwise these plants get ruined in extreme cold weather.

In such cases, these plants are kept in a closed glass house and greenhouse gas is filled in the glass house. This gas absorbs the heat rays coming from the sun and keeps the plants warm.

The same process happens with the Earth. Certain amount of heat rays coming from the sun is absorbed by the earth.

If these gases not exist on Earth then the temperature on earth would be much lower than the present.

The most significant gas in greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide. We breathe oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

Environmental scientists say that in the last few years, the amount of carbon dioxide gas on Earth has been continuously increased. There’s a deep connection with carbon dioxide emissions and temperature rise.

Effects of Global Warming

Greenhouse gas is the gas which enters in the Earth's atmosphere and causes issues to increase temperature. According to scientists, if the emissions of these gases continued, then the temperature of the earth could rise from 3°C to 8°C in the 21st Century.

If this happens then the results will be very fatal. The glaciers in many parts of the world will be melted; sea levels will rise up to several feet above.

Many parts of the world will be submerged because of high sea level, heavy damage will occur. This disaster will be more than a catastrophe after any world war or any collapse of 'asteroid' on earth.

Awareness for Global Warming

There is no solution for prevention of global warming. It can only be fought by spreading awareness about it. We have to make our earth 'green' again. We have to reduce our 'carbon footprints' (scale measurement of per capita carbon emissions).

As much as we keep our surroundings free from pollution, we will save our Earth very well.

Global Warming Solutions

Scientists and environmentalists say’s that to reduce global warming; CFC’s and the excretion of gases have to be stop.

This can be done by the reducing the use of fridge, air conditioner and other cooling machines or by using such machines, which release less CFC’s.

The smoke coming from the chimneys of industrial units is harmful and the carbon dioxide emitted from them increases heat. There should be measures to prevent pollution from these units.

Environmental standards must be strictly adhered to minimize the effect of smoke emissions from vehicles.

We have to try to recycle the waste from the industries and especially from the chemical units. The cutting of trees will have to be stopped and the emphasis will be on the conservation of forests.

What is Global Warming
Forest Fire

Instead of the electricity generated by coal, consideration to be given to renewable energy i.e. we have to focus on wind energy, solar energy and hydroelectricity.

We have to find the solution to control the gases that warm the atmosphere. Also, we have to search solutions to prevent the fire from burning the forests.

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Global warming is not a popular word in most of countries specially developing countries, and it does not have much meaning for them. But global warming is described as the biggest threat of the 21st century. This danger is believed to be greater than the collision of the Third World War or any asteroid. We have to make our earth “green” as well as “pollution free”, by which we can fight with Global Warming.

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