How to Go Green

Many people are always questioning, How to go green without changing their lifestyle? There are many ways to go green.

Some simple changes in your life makes you responsible towards environment. Also, by using new technology or innovations you can help to save environment and live lifestyle without sacrificing anything.

How to Go Green

Below are some tips which are answers for, “How to Go Green?”;

  • A small garden in your backyard , terrace or in balcony will help you get organic food. Yes, grow your own food. It will help you to avoid artificially (chemically) cultivated vegetables or fruit. These chemicals will impacts your health.
  • Use LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs or florescent lamps. Life span of LED bulb is more. Fluorescent lamps uses mercury, which is very dangerous for environment.
  • In your back yard, create your own compost bin, where all residual food waste and plant waste you can dump and make your your own manure. Which you can use in your garden or farm. So, you can avoid chemical fertilizers again.
How to Go Green
Green waste compost bin
  • Always purchase appliances with “energy star” rating. These energy star labeled appliances consumes less energy.
  • Use reusable bags instead of disposable bags. Which are creating damage to environment. Also, avoid plastic bottles. Purchase metal or some other types of bottles in which you can carry water or juices. These bottles you can reuse again.
  • Use normal water and never use hot water to wash cloths. Even re-collect the water disposed by washing machine and use it for cleaning toilets or floor in balcony or terrace.
  • Use occupancy sensors with your light bulbs so, it can sense presence of your motion and auto lit the light bulbs. If not possible to purchase the sensors then make habit of turn-off the light, fans and air-conditioner when you are leaving the room.
  • Avoid to use fans or air-conditioner until unless it is required. Open the windows, let fresh air comes in. Same thing for light bulbs, just slide or open your window curtains in day to get natural light.
  • Try to use bicycle to travel or visit nearby places or local market. It will help you to save fuel and keep you physically fit. You can walk also.
How to Go Green
Use Cycles to travel nearby places
  • Try to purchase organic food from local market. It will prevent the sell of chemically oriented or processed food. It will help both environment and you. You will get chemical free food. Also, income of local or small farmers will boost.
  • Use cloths in place of papers to clean home or kitchen. Always carry handkerchief with you, and use it instead of tissue paper.
  • Use scrap paper again i.e. print on both side of paper. If you are not using for print then use the unused side of paper for your rough notes or to make grocery list or for calculations.
  • Always check, is there any leakage in water taps or water hose. If any leakage found, then immediately repair. By this we can save water.
  • Use a cloth or sponge and a bucket full of water to wash your car or bike. Yes, dip cloth or sponge in water and rub on your car and bike. Never use water hose or pressure pipes for this purpose, it will waste lots of water.
How to Go Green
Wash car with cloth or sponge
  • Rain water harvesting. Yes, collect rainwater and use it for washing of laundry or any other cleaning activities.
  • Purchase the product like “Power Efficiency Guide” to make your own personal power generator. Which will help you save money and help to save environment a lot.
  • Use reusable lunch boxes to carry lunch with you. After your lunch you can clean these boxes and reuse again to carry your lunch next day.
  • Use “Blackle” instead of “Google”. Its not like colorful Google logo and white screen, Blackle is meant for saving energy, by showing black colour in computer screens background. Till now it saves more then 7MWh of energy.
  • Use newspaper to wrap gifts or to cover any items.
How to Go Green
Newspaper for Wrapping Gift
  • And at last you are teacher of your children's. They follow your activities and copy you. So, don’t litter, don’t pollute, don’t use plastic, don’t keep ON running water tap, don’t waste or throw paper in front of your children's. Also do not do these when your children's are not with you.
  • Teach children's what is the meaning of Go Green.
How to Go Green
Teach Children's about Go Green

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These are the simple ways for how to Go Green. It will help you a lot in your life to live pollution or contamination free. These tips on how to go green really will help you to live health life. All these steps indirectly or directly will save our own environment. After all its our own.

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