The Amazon Rainforest Facts

Many of us don’t know about the importance of Amazon rainforest. We are destroying the amazon rainforest. Before we loose it, let understand the amazon rainforest facts.

Amazon Rainforest Facts

  • Spanish explorer “Francisco de Orellana” gave the name Amazon which is arise from a war, which he fought with the “Tapuyas” and other tribes.
  • His expedition was attacked by a group of female warriors on the river, so, he named it after the warrior women from Greek mythology.
The Amazon Rainforest Facts
Tribes in Amazon Rainforest
  • In 1542 Francisco de Orellana is the first European to travel the length of the Amazon river.
  • In English the amazon rainforest, also called as Amazonia which means Amazon Jungle.
  • Amazon rainforest is a wet or moist evergreen tropical rainforest in the region of amazon river basin of South America.
  • This amazon river basin covers 7,000,000 km² i.e. 2,700,000 sq mi of total region or area. Out of which 5,500,000 km² i.e. 2,100,000 sq mi are covered by the rainforest.
The Amazon Rainforest Facts
Amazon rainforest water
  • This amazon river basin region includes territorial control belonging to nine nations. The most of the region i.e. near about 58.4% is present in Brazil. Peru shares 12.8% of the region, Bolivia having 7.7% of region, Colombia having 7.1% of region, 6.1% of region is with Venezuela, Guyana having 3.1% of amazon river basin region, Suriname controls 2.5% of region, French Guyana having 1.4%, and at the last Ecuador having 1% of region. 
  • The name"Guiana Amazonian Park" is kept by France for its rainforest secure area.
  • Half of the planet's remaining rainforest are present in Amazon. This rainforest is most bio-diverse geographic region of tropical rainforest in the whole world.
  • Near about 390 billion various trees are present in amazon rainforest, which is divided into 16,000 different species.
  • One of the fact is that in Amazon rainforest one in ten known species in the world lives, which means it has nearly all types of living creatures in the world.
The Amazon Rainforest Facts
Squirrel Monkey in Amazon rainforest
  • In Amazon rainforest, one in five of bird species in the world is found. 
  • In river and streams of Amazon rainforest, one in five of fish species is found.
  • 2.5 million insect species is found in this Amazon forest region, tens of thousands of plants, and nearly 2,000 birds and mammals species also found in this forest.
  • In this region till the date, at least 40,000 plant variety, 2,200 fishes types, 1,294 birds species, 427 mammals species, 428 amphibians types, and 378 types of reptiles have been scientifically categorized.
  • A study conducted by scientists in 1999, and they found that in every one square kilometer i.e. in every 247 acres of Amazon rainforest nearly about 90,790 tonnes of living plants may available.
  • Many species of plants till the date not discovered in the region. But approximately 438,000 species of plants are identified and registered in the catalogue. Scientists are continuously working to find or discover other plant species in Amazon rainforest.
  • As per scientists the total number of tree species in the Amazon forest region is approximately 16,000.
  • More than 20% of the world's oxygen requirement is fulfilled by the Amazon rainforest.
  • When Amazon rainforest burns, it produces approximately 30% of our carbon emissions.
  • Some hazardous species also available in the Amazon rainforest. Anaconda, Jaguar, Black caiman, Cougar are few of them in predatory category.
  • Famous for generating electric shocks, "Electric Eels" and famous for their bites, "Piranha" are present in rivers.
  • Many poisonous frog species like, "Blue poison dart frog", also available in the forest, and most of these frog species till now not identified.
The Amazon Rainforest Facts
Frogs in Amazon rainforest
  • Famous for their painful stings, "Bullet ants" also present in the Amazon rainforest.


Now because of the amazon rainforest facts, we know importance of amazon rainforest. Everyone concern about the loss of this big biodiversity which will rise because of destruction of amazon rainforest. We have to again think, finally what we want a safe and healthy environment or a killing poisonous environment? Together we have to come to save Amazon rainforest for our future generation. Let they get pure oxygen for forever!

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