What is Environment

What is an Environment?

Here in this article we will get to know all about, "What is Environment" and what role "Environment" plays in people life.

Environment definition

Let's define, What is environment? We can define environment as the joint part of all chemical, physical and biological features or factors that affect any natural or biological population and decides their living form and life.

What is Environment

What does environment mean?

Generally the environment is defined in the context of man and man is declared a different unit and all other things occupied around it are declared its environment.

But here it is also significant that there are many human evolution on this earth, who do not consider themselves distinct from the environment and in their eyes all nature is a single object. Man is also part of this.

Virtually humans who are different from the environment are technologically advanced and able to make significant changes in their natural conditions due to the extensive use of science and technology.

On the base of human involvement, the environment is divided into two types - natural environment and artificial environment.

Though the complete natural environment (which has not taken human intervention at all) or the complete form of artificial environment (in which everything is man-made) is found nowhere.

This division is simply an indication of the abundance and lack of human interference in natural ways and situations. In ecology and environment geography, the word natural environment is also used for habitat.

The air, sunlight, land, animals, plants etc, all are natural things which makes life possible on earth. These all natural things are part of the environment.

It is believed that only the earth is the only home in the universe where life is essential for the existence of life.

Without the environment, we cannot estimate life on earth, so we need to keep our environment healthy and secure to make sure the future of life.

It is the concern of every person living on this earth. Everyone should come forward and join the campaign for protection of the environment.

What is Environment
Environment Pollution

To support the balance of nature, different cycles take place between the environment and living things regularly. However, if for some reason these cycles get failed then the balance of nature also deteriorates, which finally affects human life.

Our environment has helped us and other types of organisms grow, develop and grow on Earth for thousands of years.

Humans are considered on earth as the most intelligent creature created by nature; that is why they have more eagerness to know about the universe, which leads them towards technological advancement.

This kind of technological development in every person's life is threatening life's prospects on the day-to-day basis because our environment is slowly being destroyed.

It seems that one day life will be harmful for life as natural air, soil and water are becoming polluted. However, it has started to show a bad influence on the health of humans, animals, plants and other living things.

Artificially prepared fertilizers by the use of harmful chemicals which are deteriorating the soil are indirectly being gathered in our body through eating our daily food.

The harmful smoke generated from the industrial companies polluting the natural air on a daily basis, which is affecting our health to a large extent because it breathes us every moment.

In this busy, crowded and advanced life, we should take care of small bad habits . It is true that with every little effort of everyone we can bring a big positive change towards our deteriorating environment.

We should not misuse the natural resources to fulfill our destructive desires and our destructive desires. We should develop science and technology to improve our lives but always be assured that our environment in the future will not be harmed.

We have to be sure that the newly arriving technology should never mess up our ecological balance.

What is Environment
Save Environment


Now we understood very well, What is Environment and the role of Environment in our life. The significant evolution of technology has adverse effect on the ecology of our planet. The continuous work of factories and the removal of natural resources from earth results in severe environmental problems.

The effect of uncontrolled human activity shouldn`t be unnoticed. From now onward we have to work for our natural environment and should not disturb the ecological equilibrium of our planet Earth. So, let`s come together to take care of our own world.

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