Social Responsibility of Management of Drinking Water 1

Social Responsibility of Management of Drinking Water 1

The Social Responsibility of Management of different activities is really a challenging and learning. But we always prove our self perfect in Social Responsibility activities. Managing social responsibility is a task which proves your management skills.

Many of us know that the summer season is very hot in India and many places mercury rises up to 48°C.

With this temperature working outside is not an easy task, specially in local markets here in India which is always busy and crowded. Small shopkeepers to big sellers everyone works here.

Apart from these sellers, many people visit these markets as consumers or buyers and solely depend on these markets for their daily needs like vegetables, fruits, groceries, cloths and for many more items.

As our Social Responsibility Activity this time we aimed “Chandrapur (Maharashtra, India)”, where in summer the temperature is always in the range between 46°C to 48°C.

We want to help the people of a busy local market in Chandrapur by serving cold drinking water free of cost.

Main aim is that everyone should get drinking water whenever they want, so their daily work routine shall not be affect by summer.

Social Responsibility
Serving of Free Drinking Water

Details about the Managing Social Responsibility are mentioned below;

Social Activity: To serve cold drinking water to people in a local market in summer.

Conducted by: Environment Talks

Activity Place: Local Market, Chandrapur (Maharashtra, India)

Duration of Activity: 15th May 2019 to 14th June 2019 (1 month)

Total People Benefited: Approx. 4000 to 5000

Cost to People: Free of cost

Fund for Activity: Contributed by team members


The team successfully completed the Social Responsibility of Management of Drinking Water. Perfectly managing social responsibility is not possible with the help of team members. Finally we arranged drinking water to every one in a hot summer month.

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