Social Responsibility of Management of Food Donation 1

Social Responsibility of Management of Food Donation 1

As a human being we understand the pain of poor people and always show our self dutifulness in Social Responsibility activities or works.

The Indian government announced a nationwide lock down to curb the spread of corona virus.

This decision is necessary and this lock down includes everyone i.e. rich and poor. Rich can manage the food but a big section of the society like daily wage workers, homeless people, beggars, slum-dwellers and the elders who live alone can’t manage to earn as well as arrange food to stay alive. Most of them earn daily and arrange food daily.

Most workers are in informal sector who do not have any job right now because of lock down of factories and possibly stuck in a city where they are migrant workers and they don’t have home, and after sometime they will run out of money to feed themselves.

This time as a social responsibility initiative the team of “Environment Talks” rose up to the cause of serving free food and groceries to the poor people hit by the Covid-19 lockdown in the country.

Environment Talks normally deals with environment related activities and planting trees. But as a humanity we took initiative for donating free food to needy.

We purchased different types of groceries and arranged cooked food. Team arranged approval from government authorities and distribute these food packets and groceries to needy.

Arrangement of Food and Groceries
Arrangement of Food and Groceries

For this Social Responsibility Activity of food donation this time we aimed “Nagpur (Maharashtra, India)”.

Further details of our Managing Social Responsibility of Food Donation are mentioned below;

Social Activity: To donate cooked food packets and groceries to at least 100 needy people.

Conducted by: Environment Talks

Activity Place: A village near to Nagpur (Maharashtra, India) city.

Date of Activity: 5th April 2020

Total benefited people: 100

Cost to Community: Free of cost

Fund for this Social Responsibility: Contributed by team members.


Environment Talks successfully completed their first Social Responsibility of Management of free food distribution to needy and poor people. Everyone helped a lot for the arrangement of food and groceries. 100 people benefited by this activity.

Till the effect of covid-19 in India, we decided to arrange the food in future for poor people.

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